Protecting your Equipment in Harsh Winter Weather

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February 28, 2018

Protecting your Equipment in Harsh Winter Weather

Many parts of the US are still feeling the cold sting of winter weather, follow this 3-step guide to keeping your Cross Timbers Equipment protected for what still may come.

Heavy construction equipment has bigger parts, bigger engines, and are capable of bigger projects. However, it’s important to not forget these huge machines still have sensitive areas that need to be maintained in order to continue running efficiently. Certain times of the year, such as now, require more attention your heavy machinery, and we are here to guide you through it!

  1. If possible, keep your equipment inside.
    Unpredictable weather changes, including storms, blizzards and flash flooding, can cause a heavy machine to malfunction. When you can store your Cross Timbers machine out of the path of harsh weather, it is less likely to be affected by any possible threats.
  2. Protect your exhaust system.
    This is especially important when several inches of unexpected weather begin to fall from the sky. Protect the exhaust system by covering it with a material that won’t be compromised through heavy rainfall, snowfall, or even hail.
  3. Keep cab doors closed.
    This may be the easiest one to remember on our guide. If your equipment has an enclosed cab, make sure the doors remain closed tight. This prevents debris, freezing of technology, and other hazards that may affect your Cross Timbers machine.

These basic guidelines, along with minor monthly maintenance, will help keep your Cross Timbers Equipment in its best condition to provide lasting results for your projects, big or small.

In case you are not able to care for a Cross Timber machine properly or it begins having a dysfunction during a rental period, please contact our office immediately. Our knowledgeable technicians are fast and friendly and will get you back to working on your project quickly.

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